Asif Shukurov

Baku Salyan

Hello, I am Asif Shukurov. I cooperated as an IT specialist and web programmer in companies such as NSCO, NaNTech, Your Decor, Go Live.

Since I have been interested in programming since high school, I have more work experience than my age. Of course, I was not at a professional level in high school. It just gives me a huge advantage. Because I learned web programming on real projects, not with textbooks, I gained a great advantage in terms of experience. In addition, I learned OBS studio and Resolume programs because it has been my dream to become a broadcaster since I was a student.



Web Developer

I use HTML, CSS, Javascript, jquery, Bootstrapt as front end. I also know about other programming languages ​​and in some cases I use Python. As a database, I work with MS Sql.

Fornt-End Developer

In my personal opinion, it is easy to be a Front End Developer and anyone can be a Front End Developer. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


Database is my favorite field. The database is very important no matter what software we develop. Since the data is stored here, special attention should be paid to security and optimization during the formation of the structure. I learned Oracle MS Sql in 2020.


In summer, I work with OBS and Resolume programs. At events, I can broadcast live to the LED screen, Zoom, YouTube and other social networks at the same time.


Secondary education

I received my secondary education in Kirkhchirag village secondary school of Salyan region. At that time, due to my passion for computers, I first learned how to use Windows and Office programs, and then started to create simple websites. The subjects I was most interested in in high school were Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


I received my bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics of Baku State University. Unfortunately, the university taught a very old programming language (Pascal).



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